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NFT Introduction Micro-course June 2022

“My First NFT” Micro-course

NFTs, or “non-fungible tokens”, have been in the news. You’ve heard of strange apes somehow worth millions of dollars. There’s all sorts of jargon spouted by tech bros, and it’s hard to understand what it all means. Is this something you need to know about to do your job or participate in communities in the future?

For a limited time, new blockchain explorers can sign up for a 1 hour walkthrough of the NFT ecosystem for just $100 and end up with your own NFT in a Solana wallet (~$40-70 value). Learn about NFTs in a judgment-free hands-on session with me, an expert with 10 years in the digital credentials and identity community. Sessions will be scheduled in June 2022.

Why only $100, including NFT mint? I’m offering this micro-course at such a low price, because I want to learn from you too. If NFTs and “Web3” are going to achieve the type of impact at decentralizing the Internet that its supporters hope for, we’re going to need to really understand where users are coming from and build the apps they need.