This is the homepage of Nate Otto, foodie and software developer working on digital credentials, identity, and community.

Nate and Cat

Here are some projects that I’ve been working on recently.

  1. Badgr ( (Now Canvas Badges by Instructure): I led development of Badgr, a digital credentials platform for recognizing any type of learning or achievement. Badgr is used by tens of thousands of organizations around the world in education, corporate training, professional development, and community building.
  2. Open Badges and W3C Verifiable Credentials: Let’s bring together the best data models and protocols for digital credentials and identity on the web. Look out for Open Badges 3.0 coming soon.
  3. NFT and Web3 projects: Stay tuned for the first opportunity to mint in May 2022!
  4. Growing a bunch of habaneros and reaper peppers in my garden.
  5. Some of the easier routes at Elevation Bouldering Gym.
Badgr Logo Open Badges Logo

Let’s make a better web and world together. I like to support these efforts and projects. I would love it if you would check them out too.

  • End plurality “first past the post” voting and replace it with something more expressive, like STAR Voting.
  • Take Zoom-based cooking classes for the rest of the pandemic from Heart of Willamette Cooking School
  • Let’s build apps that take advantage of distributed identity and put control of the algorithms that structure our lives into our own hands.