144 Tender Cats coming May 25

NFTs for Identify and Community

Are you tired of NFT projects selling you a vision of a social life centered around their particular collection of pixel art? Would you rather make connections in your area and the metaverse based on your interests that are open to your friends who didn’t get in on an exclusive mint too?

NFTs can be more than just something you own. They can be a sign of wealth and style, sure. But to build interoperability and diversity in our Web3 communities, we need to do more than just spinning up a discord server for people to talk about a particular set of images. Value needs to be based on more than simple scarcity and the first-party utilities offered to holders. As we appreciate art, we need to connect people to real world opportunities, and we need to build something fresher than a tiny copy of the social media silos that we’re trying to replace.

If we want to really decentralize the web and put control of identity back in the hands of the end users, rather than the platforms, we need to practice ways of forming and understanding identity that allow for individuality and expression that connect data on-chain with off-chain portable data and our experience in the physical world. What we choose to express about ourselves should infuse our communities with meaning and personality.

NFT Rarity

My NFT collections are released in tiers by rarity. Most utilities and benefits are not exclusive to holders of a specific collection but are available to any holder of any collection.

Exclusive (up to 200)

Rare (up to 1000)

Common (up to 10000)

Partnership, Exploration, Benefits, and Community Support

Art should be accessible, participatory, and funding streams should support artists and communities. When you buy or sell one of these NFTs, a portion of the proceeds will return to the artist(s) and creator(s) to support us as they invest their time in future projects. A portion of initial mint proceeds of each collection supports a partner charity or cause directly.

Each collection aims to try something new for what NFTs can mean and do. Proceeds are invested in the development of prototypes, experiments, and services that explore the potential of Web3. No individual experiment is guaranteed to succeed, but the roadmap is designed to offer utilities and benefits to holders of NFTs from any collection on this page and beyond.

Explore NFTs with a lead author of the Open Badges Specification and the creator of Badgr. If you’re an artist, content creator, local business, or community platform, and you support this vision for art and community, partnership opportunities are open. Contact me.

Tender Cats (mint now live)

Tender Cat having a rest on one of her favorite cat beds Tender Cat c. 2006 - 2022.

144 memories of a dear cat on the Solana blockchain. We don’t know if she was the best cat of all time, but statistical analysis has placed her firmly in the top ten. Own an individually numbered piece of the first pet memorial NFT collection on Solana, and share in my celebration of a really special friend.

10% of initial mint proceeds will go to support animals and their caretakers in Ukraine.

Exclusive (144 available)

Mint details: 25 May, 2022 at 9am Pacific Daylight Time

My First NFT Micro-course (Coming June 2022)

Sign up for an intro to NFTs micro-course

Now offering limited seats for an intro to NFTs micro-course. $100 for a 1 hour Zoom session, concluding with you minting your own Tender Cat NFT on the Solana blockchain.

NFT Secret Project Two (Coming July 2022)

NFT collection two coming July 2022

This project is in partnership with a local business in Eugene, Oregon

Rare (1000 available), with an inexpensive 0.2 SOL mint.

NFT Secret Project Three (Coming September 2022)

NFT collection three coming September 2022

This project features one of my favorite genres of art.

Exclusive (~50 available)


Minting and holding NFTs from these collections support a roadmap that allows us to try new things in the world of Web3.
Community Discussion Space

All holders will be welcomed to join a community space on Telegram. Yeah, you’ve seen this before.


Holders will be eligible for prize drawings, including for additional digital assets. Nothing particularly groundbreaking here.

Skills Recognition with Verifiable Credentials

Early access to skills recognition platform. Make connections in the community, learn about your friends, and recognize them for their achievements.

One of the first use cases bringing together the distributed identities from Web3 with the Verifiable Credentials and Open Badges movement.

Nominate collections

Holders begin to qualify to nominate an additional collection not issued by this collective to be included in skills recognition.