Ottonomy.Net is the home page for Nate Otto, one of your fellow explorers. I am passionate about what we can do with technology for learning, powering democracy and sharing culture with each other.

I am constantly amazed by life and what humanity has made of the world, yet I feel we still have a long way to go. I have big goals for what we can do next, as a global society. This site, and my other activity on the Web, is a record of my forays into a wide variety of interests. At the University of Oregon, I studied Political Science and English, and I wrote my thesis on intellectual property, encouraging content creators to loosen access to the material they create, so that future generations have a vibrant commons of culture to draw upon in their own work.

I am currently working to build websites for businesses and individuals based on WordPress, an open source content management system. WordPress is easy to learn, yet it can do powerful things.

As 2011 winds down and 2012 begins, I will be hunkering down to work on a long-simmering novel project. I’ll post some updates here when I can, and feel free to ask me about it.


I blog about Political Science, open education, free culture, and gardening in the Northwest from my home base in Corvallis, OR. My interests cover a vast expanse of territory, loosely following important trends in the increasingly connected world. I will be using my blog to attempt to attack some disparate topics in greater detail than I have thought about them before. You are welcome to come along to help me theorize about what we can make of this place (Earth).

Free School

I host a learning wiki, which I call the Free School at ottonomy.net. I’m planning several online courses to organize over the next couple years on topics I’m studying. The Free School concept applies well to online learning, which is often self-organized. I hope to help connect to people interested in learning about the same things (sustainability, alternative currencies and localization of economic activity, gardening, and open education). Additionally, the wiki will be a home base for my forthcoming research notes. Open participation is encouraged.

Web Design Portfolio

I occasionally build websites for individuals and small businesses, with a goal of allowing users complete control over their web content without needing to learn any complicated code. Modern open-source applications do all the hard work for you. I can customize a site for you to match your personal style and business goals. The possible features are nearly endless, from blogs and portfolios like this site to collaborative wikis and more. Bringing your website into the 21st Century is a lot easier than you might think! Click here to learn more.

Academic Writing

Part of the purpose of this website is to share my work and thoughts. This section is a portfolio of some selections from my academic writing, mostly in political science. I welcome comments. As my education progresses and I write more, I be uploading more here.