What sessions should I go to at #opened09?

Now that I’ve got plans all worked out to actually make it to the Open Education Conference in Vancouver next week, I’ve got to decide what to do there. Check out the schedule and leave a comment if you think I’m missing something too good to miss.

http://openedconference.org/program/program-schedule-at-a-glance – conference schedule

Each session is 45 minutes long.. Some rooms appear to squeeze two quick presentations into that time, and some seem just have one.

Day 1: Wednesday
Session 1: I think I’m going to go to the ccLearn presentation, “Supporting the Global Open Education Community” because I thought Ahrash Bissell was good at summing up this movement and its global potential.
Session 2: Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for OpenCourseWare looks to be the best for me… Asserting fair use is an act that actively defines your rights, so developing a strategy for when to assert this right is important, and I haven’t worked out in my head exactly how much stronger than existing precedent I think fair use is.
Lunch: Yes!
Session 3: Here’s a tough choice:
Cogdog’s “Amazing Stories of Openness”… or Philipp Schmidt &co’s’s p2p accreditation talk followed by another Philipp Schmidt talk on starting the p2p university.. or “Open Models and Open Teaching in the Bricks and Mortar Institution”. I’ll probably swing toward the p2p accreditation one, but I hope others heavily blog this block, because it would be a shame to miss out on the open models one. I certainly expect to see the Amazing Stories floating around on blogs quite a lot in the next year, at least.
Session 4: 2:30 to 3:15. I think I will hit up Jim Groom’s “The Design of Openness” since I am trying to do what he does for myself.. using open-source applications with an “open” structure to collect course content. Though both the Opencast project and “Content, Content Everywhere? What Video? Where?: Improving the Discoverability of OER Video and Audio Lectures” look really interesting too.
Session 5: I’m leaning toward the abstract and theoretical, I guess, because D’Arcy Norman’s “Openness and Identity” sounds the best to me out of this block… and it comes with bonus “Connecting Online Learning Through Identity” in the same room. “Enabling Viral Professional Development with Unconferences and OER” is tempting too though…
BBQ in the park: Yes!

Day 2: Thursday
Session 1: I can’t decide for the first session on the second day. I think David Wiley’s talk will probably be the most heavily attended, so I might go to John Mott’s “Bridging the Gap Between the PLE (Personal Learning Environment) & the LMS (Learning Management System)” instead… and the other option, “Outcomes-Based Open Learning Tools at the University of Michigan Medical School” looks good too..
Session 2: I’m interested in the Chinese approach to Opened, because I haven’t heard anything about it before, and it will be interesting to see how a communist state might embrace opened… it might be open to it in a different way than an individualist capitalist state. This presentation is followed up by one on the UK, so this comparison might take center stage. While I’m watching these, I hope somebody else is blogging the New Zealand Models for Free and Open Ed talk pretty extensively.
Session 3: 1:30 – 2:15. I’m going to hit up the sustainability talk during this session: A Modest Proposal for Utterly Transforming Higher Education Pedagogy and Intellectual Property Generation on the Way to Achieving Sustainable OER–And Why Your Campus Might Want to Try It
Session 4: 2:30 – 3:15 — I’ll probably go to the Jim Groom and Gardner Campbell talk, “No Digital Facelifts: Thinking the Unthinkable About Open Educational Experiences”, because I want to set up my own e-portfolio along these lines. Is it unthinkable? As always, I’ll want to catch up on what was said elsewhere..
Session 5: 3:30 – 4:15 — The Thinkubator project on Wikis looks pretty interesting, so it might be a tough call between that and Cognitive Flexibility Theory.

Day 3: Friday
Session 1: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: The Heritage of Open Education looks good, as I’ve been struggling to succinctly explain the foundations of this movement. On the other hand, “Sustainability Happens” looks good too.
Session 2: I think I’ll be camping out in room C100 for this session, for “An Open Student Finance Platform For The Guitar Hero Generation” (about micro-scholarships for OER contributions) and “Leveraging the Community: Crowdsourcing from the Grassroots Level” on integrating the wider community of lifelong learners into content discussion/creation
Session 3: “The Interactive Social Language Education (ISLE) Platform: Creating Open Gaming for Online Language Learning” looks good, but I think I’ll have to skip it to follow my other interest in sustainable food systems to room C180 for, “Telling Stories in Land and Food Systems; Future Advocates and Citizen Journalists” (with bonus “How Valuable is Free? Student Audiences, The Construction of Value, and The Digital Avant-Garde”)
End of Conference.

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